Its all about Granite & Marble.

Ngong Granite & Marble is a Kenyan company that specializes in Granite and Marble and part of some interiors such as sinks and Kitchen mixer taps. For granites and marble we do sell and install for our clients. We mostly advise our clients to let professionals do the installation for them since it will save them a lot of time and the granite will be waxed or sealed professionally. Check out our projects page to see the projects we have worked on. We always try to keep this page up to date with the all complete and ongoing projects.

We are located at Simon House, Embul-Bul Opposite Mary Mother of God Catholic Church, Ngong.

You can always place your orders on 0758 322 844. Our staff will guide you on choosing the right color or granite stone for your project.

Benefits Of Natural Granite Bathroom Vanities

There are several reasons why granite countertops have become a fixture in high-end homes across the country. They are exceptionally strong, offering superior protection against dents, scratches, and stains. They are also naturally resistant to heat and humidity, making them a smart choice for the bathroom.

Ngong Granite & Marble countertops offer all the advantages of granite in a versatile package that works with any style or decor. Each piece is a unique creation with a distinct blend of natural materials. Despite all these benefits, our Natural Granite line is one of our most cost-effective, giving it an exceptional value and a premium look and feel.

Color Options

We offer our Natural Granite vanity countertops in a wide range of colors, ranging from the darker tones to Lighter tones. Three of our most popular colors — Grey, White and Black granites — are available at our shop ready to be dispatched, allowing you to start your bathroom project right away. If  you are not experienced with granite/ marble installation, we can install it for you at a small fee.